Of fleeting moments and flashing thoughts

Month: January, 2016


Maybe when my heart broke into pieces before,
you caught a fragment of it in your dreams.
And that’s why I felt complete when I met you.

Or maybe my wishing star fell on your bed, beside you
And that’s why it felt like my fantasy turned into reality
and my wishes came true
The night I first made love to you.



Stare deep into my eyes and tell me what you see
Don’t look away; dig deep until your eyes bleed

Did you find something?
Anything, anything worth saving

Search further, sift through the shadows,
Maybe somewhere in the cavernous abyss
You’ll find my heart’s keys

Break through the cracks on the walls
Maybe you’ll see nirvana when the parapet falls

Nothing, nothing to see, you say
Just a bottomless black pit, filled with despair and dismay

Well, what did you expect to find?
A soul with a heart so pure, so kind?

Oh darling, you are blinded with stars.
Come closer, look deeper
My soul is distorted with scars.

There is nothing, nothing in me.
My heart is dead,
From the thousand times it has bled
Spilled dreams and hopes and love
Nothing can save me,
Not even your prayers and saints from above.

So end your fantasy of saving me;
A warrior doesn’t need a savior.
Stop trying to find my light;
I am a lost cause.
This is a futile fight.

Now darling, let me look into your eyes.
I want to know what it feels like
When empty stares back at me.


Standing at the crossroads
Not knowing which avenue I should take,
I hold my heart like a broken compass,
And my mind, a torn map.
I stand still at the dead end;
Both roads are war zones,
Each path leads to a bloodbath.
The crossroads of reason and emotions.
Whichever road I choose, your swords await.
Whatever path I take, my soul will be the casualty.
The road to reason will slay my heart;
The avenue of emotions will murder my mind.
Either way, there will be mayhem and madness.
Either way, I will be your slave.
You, a warrior without a heart.
An assassin masquerading as an angel.
Tell me which road I should pass.
Because I cannot stand at your crossroads forever,
Waiting, suspended, hanging by your strings,
A target of your poisoned arrows,
The victim of your deadly touch.
For once lay down your arms,
Stop pointing your swords at my heart.
Take my hand and lead me down
The less destructive path;
I am ready to wage this war,
A willing sacrifice held at the mercy
Of your double-edged words.
Slay me if you must.
But please get me out of this crossroads
And show me the way
Where my death will hurt less.