A Deadly Gift

Him and her — they were only meant to collide and explode,
not create a beautiful story together.

There were moments that swept them off their feet,
but most of the time, they were on the ground,
beaten and bleeding and crawling in pain,
struggling to get up and make it through another day
without knocking each other back down again.

But they always did. Their hearts always end up torn.

They were a pair of explosives, a mixture of lethal poison,
a fusion of the deadliest elements that kill relationships and destroy people.
And for the longest time, they embraced the fire even as it consumed them;
Saw the explosions as exhilarating fireworks even when the light blinded them;
And drank the fatal concoction to the last drops and kept thirsting for more
even as a part of them dies with each drink.

But somewhere between the explosions and toxins,
the heat became unbearable and the high reached its peak.
There was no more saving grace, nothing to rebuild.
Their hearts are six feet under,
buried in betrayal and choked in curses.
The will to rise has died.

And so they saw what they had for what it was.
It was destruction and obsession, cleverly laced together and deceitfully wrapped
in a deadly delusion called Love.