I have no idea how to finish this sh —

Any suggestions?

I was entombed in a cold and dark chamber, shrouded in the shadows of sorrow and suffering. I have chosen to retreat in this still silence to forget the wounds of yesteryears; I know not how long I’ve slept. I must’ve dreamed of warmth and light in my deep slumber, but then I woke up to the lingering chill biting my skin and the stench of overpowering loneliness. They say dreams are visions of a reality we cannot have. And so I closed my eyes and slept once more.

I was in a different place. A verdant landscape bursting with colors in every hue and blooming with vibrant flora. I took a step forward, my feet sinking into soft grass covered in dew. And then I saw you.

You were basking in the golden glow of the sun, your lips curved into an entrancing smile, your eyes burning into mine. You were a sight to behold, more like a captivating mirage than an awakening reality. I know you from my dreams. I’ve waited for you for so long.

I was pulled into your crushing embrace; your hallucinogenic presence rousing my senses. Oh, how I ache for your warmth. The cold and dark chamber of my past forgotten; the loneliness giving way to something I’ve felt and lost before. Happiness streaked with ecstasy.

The greenery surrounding us dissolved into the most passionate of red. You’re all I see and feel, the phantom of my dreams. I scream in surrender as you permeate the deepest depths of my being; your force ripping my body apart, pushing me over the peak of pleasure. I yield and open myself like a quivering, flowering bud revealing a sweet, immaculate nectar that’s yours for the taking. You are rapture and rhapsody in varying intensities; a pulsing rhythm of euphoria and ecstasy. I submit my soul to you, the incarnation of my untamed dreams. Take me to your wonderland; melt my cold heart with your volcanic love.


Finish this for me, please?