Of fleeting moments and flashing thoughts

Month: June, 2013

Kisses and Curses

She enters the white building
Garbed in her best Sunday dress
How respectable and clean she looked
The very antonym of
Her life’s unbearable mess

She sits at the back, the preaching has begun
Her gaze is steady, her eyes unblinking
And yet the pastor’s words stung her heart
Like acid, like venom, like an open wound

She bows her head in a wordless prayer
Forgive her Father, for she has sinned greatly
But her tears are no good
No justification for her despicable
Act of cruelty

She stood up and ran out of the building
Her thoughts are wild, her body trembling
She had no idea she could be
This cold-hearted, callous, and merciless,
Blinded by the lust of the senses

He takes her hand and wraps her in his arms
She gives in, her lips once more
Drenched in sinful kisses and sweet curses
He whispers, hush now, with me you’re safe
and sound
She falls deeper into his spell
And her Bible falls to the ground



First Casualty

I want to press the sharp blade of a knife against your throat and watch it sink slowly into your skin while drops of blood stain the silverĀ metal and I scream all obscenities known to mankind. I want you to become my anger’s first casualty.

When People Ask Me About You

When people would ask me about you…

…I’d say you’re a burst of sunshine, a breath of fresh air. When you walk in a room, you have the slightest spring in your steps. Like you’re always happy about something, like you’re constantly looking for ways to cheer up people. And I’d say you have the most arresting smile. It reaches your eyes, your pupils becoming, for a minute, two brilliant orbs that could light up not only an entire room, but also someone’s entire life. I’d also say you’re an amalgam of charm, wit, and sexiness. A rare fusion; a magnetic blend.

When people would ask me how we met…

…I’d say we didn’t start with the usual hi and hello. You just held my hand, pulled me into a kiss, ran your fingers through my hair, wrapped your arms around me one night, and at that moment… I met you. Like really, truly met you. When your lips gently, tentatively touched mine, I was suddenly thrown into a different realm; a place that I must’ve visited in a dream. As the kisses became longer and harder, I was pulled deeper into an otherworldly dimension, a parallel universe where the idea of you and I is possible.

When people would ask me why ‘we’ cannot become a reality…

…I’d say time is against us. It’s not yet the right moment; something as good as this shouldn’t be rushed. In a perfect world, it would be easy to just fall in love and be together. But this is the real world. When the kisses stop, when the sweetness subsides, when the night ends… the parallel universe turns upside down. And we are faced with the reality that it’s not yet our time.

When people would ask me if I can wait…

…I’d say yes. Wait for wounds to heal, wait for hearts to fall. You make me think of better days, so I will wait until everything is crystal. If you’re still there, standing in front of me after the dust has settled, then I’ll know… we’ll both know. That this time, it’s our turn.

Published on Thought Catalog

A thought.

When a man does morally disturbing things, society merely gives an indifferent glance and lets him off the hook quickly. When a woman loses control and does shameful things out of desperation and depression, society takes a long, hard look at her and feasts upon her brokenness.

Why? Is it a fascinating sight… a woman’s descent to destruction?